• It is very apparent this is Mr. Cunningham’s life work. His dedication and knowledge is relentless. I very much enjoy this course and is without comparison. The best rigging course someone could take. You cannot take this course and not learn from it, no matter what level of experience you have.

    - Chris M.

  • Very good course, opens up your eyes on how much derating takes in account. I would not change anything. Very good course, would recommend to everyone that this relates to their trade.

    - Lyle B.

  • Your overhead crane training course was challenging, but you were always helpful and more than willing to answer questions. Very good instructor.

    - Kirk

  • It’s a very good course, they should put all our EOT operators and riggers through it. I learned a lot and now have a good understanding on rigging.

  • I am 55 years old taken numerous courses and this was by far most useful. Anyone who rigs should take this course to be qualified to use rigging.

  • I was nervous going in but now I feel very comfortable with choosing to rig. The course was amazing. I appreciate this so much. It made me feel very comfortable to be able to rig.

  • Very helpful in the understanding of proper rigging with applied loads. Great course, was a real eye opener for me when it comes to the critical lifts.

  • Very good and informative course. Should be taken more often than 3 years. Should be full course every 3 years with a refresher annually.

  • Really good / fast way to confirm proper rigging was done without actually having to take the time to re-figure everything yourself.

  • Great review of critical information that needs to be reviewed with people working in the field.